Looking for a Meeting Location

Greetings all!

We’re looking for a solid meeting location to conduct our next meeting. If anyone has any suggestions, please be sure to reply to this post or contact me directly!

8 Responses to “Looking for a Meeting Location”

  1. Reinaldo Figueroa Says:

    Whats wrong with Full Sail?

  2. Tom Winn Says:

    Mike G no longer works there so I don’t think he can reserve a room.

    The Orlando InDesign User Group uses a room in the Orlando Sentinel’s building. The FLMUG uses the cafe in the Orlando Science Center (which is free as long as people buy food).

    I think we need to have a social gathering (i.e. cookout) to see if there is still enough interest to continue CFPHP.

  3. Michael Girouard Says:

    I second that. Any volunteers? If not, I have no problem opening up my place. The only catch is that my house won’t have as much parking space as an apartment complex.


  4. Clint Says:

    Chuck E. Cheese?




  5. Phil Palmieri Says:

    Hey Mike,

    We just opened an office in Sanford, and depending on the turn out, we may be able to handle the croud (and parking)


  6. Michael Girouard Says:

    Sounds good to me. Lets set some dates. How does Saturday the March 31st or Sunday April 1st sound?

  7. Clint Says:

    I won’t make this weekend…gotta go in to work.

    If a place is found that we can use on a consistent basis, will we be meeting at pre-arranged dates again?

  8. Michael Girouard Says:

    Good news everyone: I think I have found a regular meeting location, with great parking, good projectors, and ample seating.

    I’m discussing the details of it with the person in charge of the program and once I hear more details, I will be sure to make a post.

    The only downside to the deal is that it is on the other end of town near The Mall at Millenia. Although it is far from most people here in Winter Park, it has the potential of being a stable foundation we can all build and grow upon. With proper planning and a regular schedule, I think this will be a great thing!