CFPHP Meeting #2

It’s official: The Central Florida PHP user group has begun. Today we met and discussed over overpriced iced coffee in the warm Central Florida sun. The turnout was ten times better than the initial meeting (literally) and as the meeting concluded, we felt like we had accomplished something. Here’s a quick summary of what was discussed:

The CFPHP Website

  • The CFPHP website URL will be
  • For the time being, WordPress will be used to manage the updates to the website.
  • Possible features of the website will include: A blog, a discussion forum, a links page, a project gallery, podcasts of all meetings, and a calendar.
  • Anyone is welcome to submit a design for the site–no rules, just have fun. When we receive more than one design, we’ll add a style switcher.

Topics for Upcoming Presentations

  • A hands on e-commerce workshop by Mike G.
  • Using WordPress as a full-on CMS by Damien McKenna

Meeting Locations/Times

  • Orlando Public Library, every last Sunday of the month at 3:00 PM

Potential Sponsorships

4 Responses to “CFPHP Meeting #2”

  1. JUMBOshrimp Says:

    Meeting was great. Have a suggestion for the site. On top of all the things you have listed above you should add a Tutorial section and a Code Library section.

  2. Tom Winn Says:

    I created a mock up design for this site. It’s pretty decent. I didn’t put everything on there like login, comments, search, categories, archives. I may add those to a later mockup.

    Check it out at Flickr

  3. Pedro Says:

    All I have to say Mike is this is one hell of a layout. Nicely done my friend…nicely done!

  4. Damien McKenna Says:

    Pedro & MikeG, please check the email I sent you guys :-)

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